Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Laughter Is A Gift

Laughter Is A Gift 
, (c) 2012 

Laughter is a gift
It doesn't mean your fit
But it will soften any tension
It could be consider stress prevention.

Find a reason to laugh
Just look at funny giraffes
Watch a funny show
A transformation you will go.

Read a silly book
And laugh so others will look
Or watch some children play
They always find a yea!

The most wasted of all days
Is one where laughter is delayed.
When life gets you down
Please don't frown.

So take this wonderful gift
And don't ever be miffed
Laughter makes living
For us to be giving

As the famous Poet, e.e. cummings once said, "The most of all days is one without laughter."

Saturday, August 7, 2010

11 Tools Reflection

I have enjoyed learning about the 11 tools! I will definitely incorporate as many of the tools in my teaching after introducing the digital citizenship.

Some of my favorites and the ones I will bring in into the classroom will be:
Mosaic with ImageChef - I am already planning on the posters I am going to create to enhance learning in my classroom!
Animoto – I will introduce it as a writer’s workshop publication tool. It is a fun and organized way to keep a clear sequence of events, and it will help to add all the literacy elements as well. I am sure my students and I will enjoy the final product of every story.

Even when technology is relatively new to me, I have been able to learn quickly when acquiring new skills, but was conversely shock at how long it would take me to complete this assignment. I keep spending long periods of time en each tool, especially when creating videos and searching for images to include into all of the different tools.

Tool # 11

After going through all the tools, I can visualize better the danger and the responsibilities students can encounter using technology. It is imperative that students have at least the basic knowledge of Digital Citizenship. So, they can be informed about the norms of behavior they should follow regarding technology use. Students now days feel comfortable with its use on daily basis, but we need to make sure they use technology appropriately.

Integrating the new tools in my classroom comes with the responsibility to teach my students about digital citizenship.
Three things I want my kids to know and practice from digital citizen are:
Digital Security & Safety: electronic precautions to guarantee safety/physical well-being in a digital technology world
Digital Etiquette: electronic standards of conduct or procedure
Digital Literacy: the process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology

Tool # 10

I love Apps!!! I have learned the use of the IPod and the IPhone from my own kids. I am using some of the educational apps that I am sure my students are going to enjoy. Apps are perfect while working in small groups.

Here are some of the Apps:
Read me a Story
ILearn Solar System
Basic Math with Mathaliens

Tool # 9

I downloaded Jing, I play with it, and I like it! With Jing I can create tutorials for students or co-workers. It is use friendly and will guide the viewer through whatever steps they need to achieve for a particular task.

I love and appreciate Skype because is a tool that help me stay connected with my family and friends outside the U.S. In school, students can learn from other students, they can connect with other cultures, and expand their knowledge in amazing ways!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tool # 8

I have enjoyed the searching and the uploading! What a great tool to include in our lesson plans. I believe that videos help students engage in the learning process.

Here is the first video from youtube: Clip from Lean on me
I love it because it shows some aspects of leadership.

This second video is from CNN Democratic Debate: English as Official U.S. Language?
I like it because as an immigrant and a bilingual teacher, I agree with President Barack Obama and the Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton

Tool # 7

Storytelling is an incredible tool for adults and children. It will unquestionably enhance the teaching-learning experience in a classroom.

Love it!