Friday, June 18, 2010

Tool # 1

The Avatar and blog creation was fun! My friends and I met in a coffee place and had a great time choosing our voki!


  1. Hi Ivonne! I really like your voki, it is very cute. How are your blogging coming out?

  2. Hi Ivoncita!
    Rosaura and I can't stop laughing...somehow we managed to follow ourselves!!! hehehe! We'll get there! So it's a miracle I am writing you! Anyway, love your blog design...very pretty! And your Ivoki (get it Ivonne...voki...Ivoki(hehehe) is so chic!

  3. I too like your Voki! How is your blogging going? It has been somewhat hard for me since I have had some issues with my computer. It is not too much fun for me yet.

  4. Welcome to the learning community.

  5. Hi Ivonne,
    I really enjoyed meeting with you and the girls that morning. I wish we had more time to get together and work on our projects like we use to do it on the good old days when we were in college.

  6. Ivonne,
    I enjoyed seeing and hearing your voki. It reminded me of the rich daughter that was kidnapped years ago. She was the daughter I think of William Randolf Hearst. She began to identify and side with her captors and wore an army hat like your voki. I look forward to reading the rest of your blog which I'm sure will have many cool tips for teaching.
    Take care,